Russell Brand praises Baldwin’s masculinity

Russell Brand

Russell Brand says Alec Baldwin is a “big sexy hair cupboard of masculinity”.

The two stars both appear in new musical movie Rock of Ages and they struck up a close friendship on set.

Russell is in awe of Alec and was initially worried about starring with him.

“He was amazing, I was nervous about meeting him because he’s tough and bullish [but then] I became friends with him and he was my highlight of the day every day,” Russell told BBC Radio 1.

“The [hair] on his body [is real] yes. He’s like a big sexy hair cupboard of masculinity.”

Russell sings in the film and had lessons beforehand to ensure he was up to scratch. His vocal coach was called Ron and also helped the movie’s other stars including Tom Cruise.

“They give you singing lessons before they let you do the film. [The teacher was called] Ron, he’s amazing, like an ice cream salesman crossed with [late operatic singer] Pavarotti – he has a neatly trimmed beard. He teaches you singing in a weird way,” Russell recalled.

“I had to do Ron with Alec. It was embarrassing to do those lessons with Alec.”

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