'Running Man' Yoo Jaeseok chosen as the most handsome member

Nam Woo-Jeong
STAR N News7 May 2012
'Running Man' Yoo Jaeseok chosen as the most handsome member

Yoo Jaeseok became the most handsome member in SBS 'Running Man'.

On 6th, the new episode of SBS 'Running Man' showed the vote result of 'The Best Runner that VJs Picked'.

VJs picked Kim Jong-gook as the best runner, and Lee Gwangsoo and HaHa seemed disappointed.

However, when they were about to announce the most handsome member, Lee Gwangsoo and HaHa regained their confidence.

However, Yoo Jaeseok was chosen as the most handsome member, Gary was chosen 2nd, Kim Jong-gook was chosen 3rd, and HaHa, Lee Gwangsoo, and Ji Seok-jin ranked 4th, 5th, and 6th.

On the other hand, viewers made comments, such as "He's the hottest", "Nobody can't beat him", and "HaHa was one of the more handsome members in Infinite Challenge."

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