Rose Chan didn't mind getting groped

Rose Chan didn't mind getting groped

28 Nov – The latest claim surrounding the Rose-Benny-Joe sexual harassment case is that actress Rose Chan enjoyed being groped by director Benny Chan and actor Joe Ma, which according to May Daily, was revealed by a film insider.

The case surfaced last Saturday when Benny and Joe allegedly sexually molested Rose against her will after wrapping up filming in Hengdian, China. While Joe has been cleared of all charges, the same can't be said for Benny.

However, a film crew member has stepped forward in the defense of both men, the person who was also at the group dinner that day said that "Rose did not resist" the initiation made by the men.

"Rose has always been a very warm person and often mingled with the male artists. Since the group dinner at the onset of the evening, Rose drank heavily and allowed the men present to greet her warmly."

He added Rose was drinking a lot, as usual, and was getting flirtatious.

"There were many sober crew members sitting around the table. However, Rose never left her seat or attempted to cry out, 'No!'

"Earlier, Rose was playing with Benny in the same manner and she had no problems with it."

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