Revisiting Jackie's "Police Story" movies

Revisiting Jackie's "Police Story" movies

With "Police Story 2013", the sixth instalment of the lucrative "Police Story" movie franchise soon to be released this 24 December 2013, here is a recap of martial arts pro Jackie Chan's previous five "Police Story" movies spanning 28 years from 1985 to 2004!

1. "Police Story" (1985)

Jackie Chan plays Chan Ka-Kui, a tough cop who is assigned to bring down Chu Toa (Chor Yuen), one of Hong Kong's most powerful drug lords. Complication ensues when Chan gets framed from killing a cop during his subsequent assignment for protecting an important witness, Salina Fong (Brigitte Lin), who happens to be Chu's secretary.

What's the big deal: This is the movie that redefined the Hong Kong action-movie genre and also launched martial arts actor Jackie Chan's career into superstardom. "Police Story" is best remembered for some of the most spectacular stunts ever seen in the cinema. This includes the spectacular opening sequence featuring a car chase down a hillside and through the shantytown, and followed by a foot chase where Jackie Chan uses an umbrella handle to get onto the speeding double-decker bus from behind. Not to forget also is the climactic fight-to-the-finish showdown in the shopping mall that ends up with Jackie Chan leaping off the handrails and sliding on the neon lights all the way down!

2. "Police Story 2" (1988)

In this sequel, Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) faces his old nemesis, Chu Toa (Chor Yuen) for the second time. He manages to resolve the situation, but it doesn't take long before a new case arrives, involving a trio of terrorists (Danny Chow, Ben Lam and Benny Lai), who demand protection money by blowing up a shopping mall.

What's the big deal: While the sequel doesn't set the benchmark previously shown in the first "Police Story" movie, it has its show-stopping moments including an extended fight scene at the playground garden and the climactic fight scene at the fireworks factory.

3. "Police Story 3: Super Cop" (1992)

In this third instalment, Jackie Chan returns as Chan Ka-Kui, who gets drafted by his superiors to be a "Super Cop" as requested by the Mainland China police force. From there, he works with Mainland China police director Yang (Michelle Yeoh) to bring down an international drug syndicate operated by Big Brother Wei (Kenneth Tsang).

What's the big deal: The Jackie Chan-and-Michelle Yeoh combo! The movie's final 30 minutes is easily the most memorable moment at all once the story is set in Kuala Lumpur. Here, Jackie Chan is seen hanging on the rope ladder below the helicopter while hovering around the city of Kuala Lumpur (with no safety net included!). But this movie is best remembered for Michelle Yeoh, who steals the limelight from Jackie Chan, with her impressive action skills including a daring motorcycle jump atop the speeding train.

4. "Police Story 4: First Strike" (1997)

Jackie Chan plays Jackie, a top cop from Hong Kong whose service is required by the American CIA to tail a mysterious woman named Natasha (Grishajeva Nonna), who is travelling to Ukraine. It's supposed to be a 'simple assignment' (hence the Cantonese title) for Jackie, but soon gets himself in a greater danger involving a nuclear warhead and Russian mafias.

What's the big deal: Till now, "Police Story 4: First Strike" remains as Jackie Chan's biggest box office hit in Hong Kong cinema. The action sequences here are as spectacular as always. Among them are the breathtaking snowboard chase down the snowy mountains and the creative fight scene where Jackie Chan uses a steel ladder to defeat his opponents.

5. "New Police Story" (2004)

In this fifth instalment, Jackie Chan plays Inspector Chan Kok-Wing, who is in charge to apprehend the 'Gang of Five'. The fancy-masked gang with young people armed with heavy weapons, is led by Joe Kwan (Daniel Wu) who loves to rob money and kill cops for the sake of entertainment purposes.

What's the big deal: This is the movie where Jackie Chan made a comeback to Hong Kong after a string of mediocre action comedies (e.g. "The Tuxedo" and "Around the World in 80 Days") in Hollywood. It's also best remembered as Jackie Chan's first serious action role since "Crime Story" in 1993. Then there's the impressive action sequence, including a city demolition involving an out-of-control double-decker bus and an amazing fight scene between Jackie Chan and Andy On at the Lego Toy Fair.