Recipe: Alternative Yuletide Fowl

Sheere Ng

Text and images by Sheere Ng @ Makansutra

Let’s face it. Turkey isn’t quite our thing. It is tough to cook and hard to chew. If nobody prefers it over chicken, pork or beef on normal days, why make it mandatory on special Christmas?

Recipe: Alternative Yuletide Fowl
Recipe: Alternative Yuletide Fowl


So set the turkey loose, we say. All you have to do is to downsize somewhat, and preparing that festive dinner will be hassle free, and painless (for the jaw even). We recommend… (drum roll please…) the Spring Chicken! It is a young chicken with much juicer and more tender meat. Weighing in at around 700g or less, it means that cooking it thoroughly is easy breezy. Furthermore, they are many ways to skin and cook this chick.

Here we provide a Chinese recipe from Dragon Phoenix Restaurant that demands little of your precious festive time.

Ingredients (for 6 spring chickens, to serve 12) 100g Young ginger, minced 100g Old ginger, minced 1 tbsp Salt 1 tbsp Maggie seasoning (xian wei zhi) 120g Light soy sauce 30g Chicken Powder 80g Shaoxing wine 80g Mei Gui Lu (Chinese Rose Wine) 6 X 600-700g Spring Chickens

Marinate the spring chickens with all ingredients. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Remove the chickens from the fridge and leave it in room temperature for about 15 minutes. Prepare a pot of oil deep enough to submerge the entire chicken. Heat it up and maintain at 180 To 200 Degrees C. Deep fry the chickens, one by one, for 15 minutes each. Remove the chickens from the oil, leave them to cool a little then chop them into smaller pieces. Plate and serve.