Rebecca Zhu denies cheating on boyfriend

Rebecca Zhu denies cheating on boyfriend

31 Jan – Former Miss Hong Kong, Rebecca Zhu was seen cozying with last year's Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li, on a train full of people. Pictures snapped by a reporter on the same train showed Li laying his head on Zhu's shoulder, with Zhu smiling sweetly. Upon discovering the reporter, they appeared shocked and embarrassed.

Awkward laughters were shared between Zhu and Li when approached by the curious press asking if they were dating. To avert their questions, Zhu lifted her hand to block the camera and walked hurriedly. At the following train stop however, the two left in opposite directions.

Gossip of the pair dating has been floating around quite frequently since both of them were often paired up for work assignments, which includes their performance at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala opening sequence.

Also reported was as due to neither of them has any family in Hong Kong, the pair shared a meal together over the Lunar New Year holiday.

Zhu had previously admitted to being linked with her Ukranian boyfriend Kostyantyn Keshyshev, whom she met in her former ballet troupe, after her victory in the pageant.

A response was not immediately given when the 25-year-old beauty was inquired by the press on her relationship with Kostyantyn and if it had changed. Zhu however insisted that the couple was still together and unconcerned about rumours spreading around.