Raymond Lam wants to date openly

Raymond Lam wants to date openly

16 Feb – With his relationship out there for the public to see, Raymond Lam can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

According to Popular Asians website, the actor told the media that he has meticulously planned his schedule in order to fly to Japan with girlfriend, Karena Ng.

The actor, who had recently wrapped up his January concert, revealed his thoughts on his newly public relationship, saying, "Although work is important, my personal life is also equally important. I hope to be able to openly hold my girlfriend's hand on the streets when we're out on a date. It's important for two people to be happy together and I believe I can do it."

Asked about his Valentine's Day plans, the actor only mentioned that he is learning to be more romantic.

The actor stated, "Being romantic requires time and experience and I'm a lazy person by nature. I've never had a romantic Valentine's Day in the past due to work. Even if I were dating, I couldn't openly admit it."

Meanwhile, the actor was recently photographed at the airport with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Karena Ng, before leaving to Japan together for a romantic getaway. Despite various controversies and rumours surrounding their relationship, both celebrities have decided to refrain from addressing each and every one of those speculations.