Rain wins tenancy case

Rain wins tenancy case

4 Jun – Even while being away from the public eyes, superstar Rain was reported to have won a case against his tenant.

As reported on Korea.com, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favour of the singer for the second time against his tenant.

The Seoul Central District Court stated, "We maintain our ruling from the first trial that the tenant should take the money deducted from his KRW 100 million (USD 84,700) deposit and leave the premises."

To recap, Rain and the designer entered into a contract back in August of 2009 and the contract was valid until March 2011. However, despite the designer using the space as a gallery, he failed to pay maintenance fees from December 2009 and then stopped paying rent altogether from September 2010.

In January 2012, Rain filed a case against the designer. However, the designer appealed the case, claiming that he was indeed the real victim as he was owed money from damages due to the leakage in the building.

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