Rain hospitalised due to back pain

Syahida Kamarudin
Rain hospitalised due to back pain

27 Sep – It was revealed that superstar Rain has been hospitalised due to a back problem.

According to Koreaboo website, the J.Tune Camp remarked, "Rain went to the hospital recently due to back pains and wasn't able to judge the Soldier Star audition."

His representative explained that the back problem resulted from his herniated disc that he suffered of even before enlistment. They stated, "Dancers usually have this kind of problem with their back. It happens often but it's not serious so people do not have to worry."

The rep added that the rumour of Rain may be discharged early due to the injury is false and that it's not a huge problem. They added, "Once he's done with his treatment, he will be completing his enlistment as planned."