R&B Singer-songwriter Sei Makes His Debut

[by Sora Ghim] A member of electronic music group House Rulez, Sei is making a new start as a solo artist.

Founding his own label ‘Exclusive Members Only (EMO MUSIC),’ Sei is reaching out to people with his debut single ‘Broken’ to be released on January 27.

Through ‘EMO MUSIC,’ Sei’s first song ‘Broken’ has an electronic beat and soulful voice added on top of the trendy R&B track. He wrote, composed, arranged, and produced the song all by himself, showing his astonishing talent as a solo artist.

‘Broken’ was inserted in 2PM Nichkhun’s Chinese drama, earning popularity even before its official release domestically.

The lyrics were written from Sei’s personal experiences, expressing the regret a person feels after a breakup. He states, “Anyone who has gone through a breakup will be able to relate.”

For the music video, Sei traveled to Japan with just 7 staff members to film. He was the model and director for the video. To match the lyrics, the music video captures the beauty of winter in Japan.

Meanwhile, Sei held a successful showcase and plans to continue to show the talent of a solo artist. (photo by Warner Music Korea)

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