Puff Guo and Aaron Yan are good friends

Puff Guo and Aaron Yan are good friends

25 Nov – Taiwanese actress Puff Guo recently dismissed rumours of a budding romance with singer-actor Aaron Yan.

According to Now News website, speculations about their relationship began when the "Just You" co-stars were spotted in what seemed to be a late-night date in Aaron's car.

Tabloids reported that Aaron and Puff were observed spending an hour chatting and behaving intimately inside Aaron's car before the Fahrenheit member sent her home.

However, when asked to confirm the rumours, the 25-year-old actress denied that they were dating but admitted to have met Aaron's mother.

Puff revealed, "Aaron's mum paid a visit at our shooting location while we were filming our idol drama, "Just You". I met her at that time."

Aaron later clarified about the supposed car date, saying, "Puff and I got along very well after "Just You". It's very normal to send her home sometimes. But as of now, we're just friends who care a lot for each other."