PSY's to release "Oppa is Just My Style"

PSY's to release "Oppa is Just My Style"

17 Aug – After the success of "Gangnam Style", it was revealed that singer PSY will be releasing part two of the song, titled, "Oppa Is Just My Style"

According to Koreaboo website, YG Entertainment stated that PSY is still confused about the sudden global popularity of "Gangnam Style". However, the singer wanted to thank his fans who came to his "Summer Stand" concert and will reveal the music video for "Oppa is Just My Style" on 15 August.

The agency added, "PSY also decided that he will be releasing "Oppa is Just My Style" as a free download."

It was revealed that "Oppa Is Just My Style" can be perceived as the female version of "Gangnam Style" and the main female featured for the music video will be 4minute's HyunA.

Meanwhile, "Gangnam Style" has been first 1st place on various online music sites. The music video surpasses 26 million views on YouTube, prompting various calls from event companies and international agencies.