[Poll] Which K-Drama Are You Loving Right Now?

Grace Danbi Hong

The second half of 2012 has begun, which means so have the new and highly-anticipated shows in the drama world, and as expected, each drama has been doing a good job, individually creating a supportive fan base.

Some of the many dramas that have been spotlighted for this season are A Gentleman’s Dignity, Big, Time Slip Dr. Jin, I ♥ Lee Taly, I Do, I Do and Bridal Mask.

While each drama boasts a star-studded with grade A actors and an entertaining storyline, we want to know which one is your favorite.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

Airing on SBS on Saturday and Sunday nights, A Gentleman’s Dignity is centered on the close friendship of four 41-year-old boys, er, men, as they continue to explore life, romance, and friendship.

The leading men, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk, prove that age is nothing but a number, as they still get into trouble for acting immaturely as middle-aged men, but it is these dynamics that make this drama so worth watching as it slowly reveals the ultimate bromance story


The proud Hong Sisters feature, KBS’ Big, is a soul-swapping story that involves all sorts of sticky things like questionable weddings, a stalker girlfriend, a mysterious affair, stone families, and mushroom allergies.

Starring Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and miss A’s Suzy, Big has been entertaining fans with the story of an 18-year-old Kang Kyung Joon stuck in the body of the 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae. With its exciting yet mysterious storyline and Gong Yoo’s hilarious comedic performance (especially his one-word English lines), Big is proving proving to be a must-watch drama.

Time Slip Dr. Jin

In 2012, there were plenty of dramas where people from the past traveled through time and somehow ended up in the future, but MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin does the exact opposite and pushes poor Song Seung Hun back to the Goryeo era, where he ends up saving more lives than he can count with each passing episode.

Mixed with Song Seung Hun’s complicated love life, some good ol’ corrupt politicians stirring up trouble and Robin Hoods from the past trying to set everything straight, the charm of Time Slip Dr. Jin is getting to see how all of these secrets will unravel and how many ways there are to perform brain surgery in the olden days.

I ♥ Lee Taly

TvN’s I ♥ Lee Taly, like Big and Time Slip Dr. Jin, includes a touch of magic, as a 14-year-old teenager transforms into a 25-year-old man while swimming in the pool.

In order to find out why he suddenly hit puberty and aged at the speed of light, Kim Ki Bum must trail a conglomerate’s daughter to figure out the secret behind the trick, all while trying to win the love of his 14-year-old life back.

With so many twists and turns and huge age gaps, I ♥ Lee Taly is a drama that examines the big horrific place the world has become, but through the lens eyes of an innocent child.

I Do, I Do
Shoes. Shoes. And more shoes. Even if you don’t like the storyline, the drama’s worth watching for Kim Sun Ah’s gigantic walk-in closet full of designer shoes.

The heels are the focus from the beginning up until now, as they have brought the two lost souls of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo together and somehow…created a baby.

It may not be the straightforward romantic comedy that everyone’s so used to seeing Kim Sun Ah in (ie: My Lovely Kim Sam Soon), but I Do, I Do has been doing a great job bringing the issues of pre-marital pregnancies, abortion, and other controversial topics in Korea into the light and onto the small screen.

Bridal Mask

In a time of hardship and depression, everyone hopes for a hero to step up and rescue them from the agony.

KBS’ Bridal Mask does exactly that, filling in for Batman, minus all the cool gadgets and loads of money. Bridal Mask takes place in the time of Japanese colonization in Korea and is centered on Ju Won’s character, a Korean officer, who becomes pro-Japanese to save his elderly mother and mentally retarded older brother.

When a masked man, who goes by the name of Bridal Mask begins ruining his plans for the good of Japan, Ju Won ends up killing the hero after much effort, only to find out that it was his older brother, who pretended to be sick in order to save his family.

Stained by his own brother’s blood, Ju Won picks up the Bridal Mask and continues what his brother started. Filled with action, excitement, and suspense, Bridal Mask has been leading the pack on Wednesday and Thursday.

Each of these dramas has an interesting and unique plot and proves to be successful in its own ways. So which dramas are you loving and obsessing over the most?

Let us know your pick by voting in our poll!

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