Peter Ho auditions for "Transformers 4"

Peter Ho auditions for "Transformers 4"

3 May – Ever since it was revealed that "Transformers" director Michael Bay was in China to form a partnership with China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprise, many stars reportedly have been trying their luck for the upcoming "Transformers 4".

According to Asianpopnews website, "Transformers 4" has already called for a Chinese Actor Talent Search to look for two actors and two actresses to join in the new film. Among the actors who went for an audition include Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun and top star, Peter Ho.

Peter's manager revealed that fans of the Taiwanese-based singer-actor had suggested Peter to try auditioning for the Hollywood film and submitted an application without his knowledge.

Regarding the audition, Peter said, "It would be great if I can have a chance to act in a Hollywood film, but whether I clinch the role or not, it doesn't matter. I just hope Asians can have a meatier role in the film."

Referring to Wang Xueqi's role in another Hollywood film, "Iron Man 3", Peter stated, "I love Wang Xueqi. However, he only had a line in the film and it is such a pity."

It is understood that a total of six Chinese actors will be cast in "Transformers 4" and that Li Bingbing and Wu Xiubo reportedly have skipped the audition role and will directly participate in the film.