Park Ka-hi performs her last

Park Ka-hi performs her last

23 Jun – Park Ka-hi, has recently made her final stage performance as a leader of After School's leader during a concert in Japan.

As Jpopasia website reports, the girls performed their encore concert, "Encore Playgirlz Tour" in Japan at the Tokyo Dome City Hall where they announced Ka-hi's graduation from the group.

The group performed all of their most popular songs during the concert. However, it was the leggy singer who stole the show with a special stage performance – singing her solo songs "Come Back You Bad Person" and "Gift", as well as "In The Night Sky" with After School Red.

After the show, After School's agency, Pledis Entertainment commented, "Ka-hi's solo stage at this particular concert showcased her hard work. You could tell that she put in a lot of effort to bring her fans the best show."

The singer commented, "I have no regrets with the outcome of this concert. I was happy to be the leader of After School. After I graduate, I will continue to grow and learn new things and show my fans a new side of me."

She then updated After School's Japanese Facebook page, stating, "Thank you very much for today. I won't forget this day and that everyone has always shown me so much love. All of the fans have been so kind to support After School. To everyone, every staff member, thank you very much. Thank you for the many years that will come for After School in the future. I'll cheer everyone on to do well, After School, Orange Caramel, and so on."

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