Park Jin Young Performs The Yonsei University Cheer

[by Sora Ghim] The best ever cheerleading squad yet brought Park Jin Young and Jung Hyung Don to their feet.

For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports,’ it will continue its ‘Again 1995’ special for its 2-year anniversary. Park Jin Young cheered on his alma mater, Yonsei University with its school cheer while Jung Hyung Don went back and forth between Yonsei University and Korea University. In particular, Park Jin Young stole attention as the nation’s best producer and top dance singer, as he performed the moves to the school’s cheer.

As soon as Yonsei’s song came out, Park Jin Young returned to his twenties, becoming a college student again and performing the choreography and cheer perfectly.

Already familiar to the Yonsei-Korea school cheers, Jung Hyung Don did not sit still. He easily performed both school’s cheers, surprising everyone. Although he is part of Korea University’s team, he participated in the Yonsei University cheer as well, and continued to go back and forth cheering for each team, bringing laughter.

Meanwhile, this episode will air on Tuesday, April 21. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

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