Park Bo-Young, Son Eun-Seo, And Lee Cheong-Ah, ‘Summer Look’ At VIP Premiere

[by Oh Ara] The VIP premiere for movie ‘The Silenced’ was held. Prominent South Korean stars gathered at the event.

There were a variety of styles of stars who entered the movie theater one by one. As summer begins in earnest and the weather gets hotter, stars’ clothes get lighter and present brighter colors.

Park Bo-young, who plays the main role in the movie, showed a lovely style with stripes, Son Eun-seo a cool style with a Bohemian dress, and Lee Cheong-ah, who is getting prettier every day, an all-white look at the event.

In summer 2015, if you want to dress in a more stylish way, focus on their styles. This is the ‘summer look’ seen at the VIP premiere event of the movie.

>>> Park Bo-Young

Actress Park Bo-young has come back to the screen after a long while. ‘The little sister of all Koreans,’ who used to be just cute, has become adorable and feminine. She stood in front of cameras with a different mood.

She showed her charm with a striped shirt and a flared skirt. Striped clothes are items that are frequently worn in summer. A variety of striped items such as jackets, shirts, skirts, and pants can be used, and they are inevitable for your daily look.

>>> Son Eun-Seo

Actress Son Eun-seo came to the premiere in an outfit showing her beautiful white legs.

She showed an exotic look with a dress in a Bohemian style and a light blue denim jacket. People often wear items in a Bohemian style in summer.

They are great for vacation look as well as for daily look. Son Eun-seo’s style, which matched a white dress and a denim jacket and gave a point with a blue mini-bag, made a good example.

>>> Lee Cheong-Ah

Actress Lee Cheong-ah’s style is desired by women in their 20s and 30s for her great fashion sense.

She displayed an all-white look at the movie premiere. She wore a shirt with a point on the neckline, white pants, and blue heeled shoes with a white and silver clutch bag. Here, she added some points with a few rings instead of other accessories.

White items can be worn to look cool also in summer. How about giving a point with colors such as blue and mint? The point may be your nails, bag, or shoes. (photo by LeShop, bntnews DB)

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