Park Bo Young And Jo Jung Suk To Act Together

[by Sora Ghim] Actress Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk will test their chemistry through a new tvN drama.

‘Oh My Ghost (literal translation)’ will be the follow-up work to ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ and is about a shy kitchen assistant Na Bong Sun, who gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost and snobby star chef Kang Sun Woo. The work will be directed by Yoo Jae Won and is written by Yang Hee Seung, reuniting the two since their last work together, ‘King of High School Life Conduct’. The two worked on this project for a year before finally moving onto production. This sweet romance will include the supernatural for a new type of fun.

This drama will be Park Bo Young’s return to the small screen in 7 years. She will play the part of Na Bong Sun who is possessed by the ghost. Due to her extremely timid personality, Na Bong Sun has no close friends and does nothing right at her job in the restaurant. Also, thanks to her shaman grandmother, she occasionally sees ghost and is coincidentally possessed by virgin ghost ‘Shin Soon Ae.’ Through this incident, Na Bong Sun gets rid of her shy character and shows dynamic charms for this wild romance.

Jo Jung Suk will play star chef Kang Sun Woo, who Na Bong Sun has a secret crush on. His good looks and cooking skills led him to become a star and is a man who is full of pride on his food. He has a lot of women around him but actually keeps his old love in his heart. However, one day, the completely changed Na Bong Sun keeps on catching his eye.

Director Yoo Jae Won stated, “First, I am happy to be able to work with Park Bo Young since she is an actress who fits well with the role. For us, we think of it as a huge fortune. Jo Jung Suk is an actor who always shows greater acting than assumed, so we anticipate the set. For the producer, this casting is like a surprise present so I am very happy and filled with drive. The pressure is high since I am working with great actors but I will work hard on filming with my resolution.”

Meanwhile, ‘Oh My Ghost’ will take over ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ and will start airing in July. (photo by CJ E&M)

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