Oscar Leung accused of rape

Oscar Leung accused of rape

11 May – A new rumour is going around that Hong Kong actor Oscar Leung has committed rape.

According to Jayne Stars, it was said that Leung was involved in a rape case that took place in a bar on 4 May. As much as he would like to laugh it off, Leung feared that the prank may have gone too far this time and may ruin his rising reputation.

"At first, the rumours involved sexual harassment. Then it became sexual harassment and beating. Finally, it became rape!" said Leung, who has been receiving calls from friends to show their concern and support.

Leung is considering whether to go to the police to verify if a report has been lodged against him for the alleged rape, but he first wanted to make sure that the media had received his side of the story regarding the rumour.

"To date, no one has contacted me about the matter," said Leung, who is currently riding on a new wave of fame that came with his recent role in "L'Escargot".

Meanwhile, TVB revealed that they have yet to receive any calls from the authorities regarding the case.

"Oscar Leung's manager said that he was filming at that time, so he had no time to go to the bar!" said TVB deputy director of external affairs, Tsang Sing Ming.

Leung is set to appear in the upcoming television drama "Justice Attack", alongside well-known stars Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Alice Chan, Mandy Wong, Vincent Wong and JJ Jia.