‘Nonsummit’ Donates All Its Profits From Its Calendar

[by Sora Ghim] Sold out within four minutes of release online, JTBC’s ‘Nonsummit’ calendar was a huge hit.

On January 11, Hong Myeong Hee, the chairman of The Beautiful Store visited the set of the show for a ceremony to deliver the proceeds from the calendar to Daniel Lindemann, Alberto Mondi, Robin Deiana, Tyler Rasch, Zhang Yuan, and Takuya Terada.

The proceeds from selling the calendar were all given to The Beautiful Store, which is a business that supports underprivileged children who skip meals. On December 1, the 2015 ‘Nonsummit’ calendar made 1 million copies and were sold in stores and online.

Daniel Lindemann stated, “I am happy that I was able to participate in such a good deed. If given the opportunity, I want to be more involved with community service.”

Meanwhile, the new episode of ‘Nonsummit’ airs on January 12 and will feature the three new members. (photo by JTBC)

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