‘Nonsummit’ Adds New Members For A Total Of G12

[by Sora Ghim] JTBC’s ‘Nonsummit’ adds Russian representative Ilya Belyakov, Australia’s Blair Williams, and Nepal’s Soosan Shaki to the show.

These three will join the existing panel of Sam Okyere (Ghana), Guillaume Patry (Canada), Alberto Mondi (Italy), Zhang Yuan (China), Daniel Lindemann (Germany), Julian Quintart (Belgium), Tyler Rasch (USA), Robin Deiana (France), and Takuya Terada (Japan). Altogether, they will be the G12, representing 12 different countries.

Ilya Belyakov is currently working as a medical translator, translating Korean into Russian for patients. It has been 11 years since he came to Korea and he said he is interested in talking about politics. He came onto the 20th episode of the show as the daily member.

Australian Blair Williams is from Brisbane and studied in Korea. He is working in a foreign company in Korea in the SNS department. Blair was on the 22nd episode aired on December 1.

Finally, from Nepal, Soosan Shaki also came to South Korea to study. He wants to bring awareness to Nepal and teach others about his country.

Meanwhile, you can see the addition of the three members on January 12. (photo by JTBC)

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