No kissing Myolie Wu

No kissing Myolie Wu

20 Jun – TVB actor Kenneth Ma is cautious of a mouth-to-mouth scene with actress Myolie Wu in the drama series "Season of Love" that would be disapproved by her and Bosco Wong's fans.

According to Jayne Stars, Wu's charater in "Season of Love" would be performing resuscitation on Ma's character in the second episode of the series, which will include mouth-to-mouth contact when she performs the CPR.

"Netizens knew about Myolie's upcoming CPR scene with me. They do not wish for me to get close to Myolie! I also hope to complete the CPR scene with some camera tricks [instead of mouth-to-mouth contact]. Fortunately, the script involves Myolie giving me resuscitation, instead of the other way around. Otherwise, the fan reaction would be even stronger!" said Ma.

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong had admitted that they are in a relationship at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards and fans of both the actor and actress have been urging the couple to tie the knot soon, while keeping a watchful eye on potential unwanted outsiders in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Wu denied that she has been rushing her beau to buy her a ring, although she did reveal that Wong had recently paid HK$930,000 (approximately SG$150,000) as down payment for the greatest gift he has given to her; a red Mercedes-Benz.

When asked why she didn't let Wong pay the full price of the luxury vehicle, she replied:

"It is a greater joy to pay for it myself!"