No cuts for "The Four" in Singapore

No cuts for "The Four" in Singapore

16 Jul - Chinese movie "The Four", directed by Gordon Chan, has been given a clean pass from the Media Development Authority (MDA), reported.

According to the local distributor, there will be some violence and nudity in the movie, making it a PG13 rated movie in Singapore.

It is understood that there will be one scene showing girls fighting in a bathhouse. Informed sources said Chinese actor Jiang Yi-Yan will be showing her bare back in that scene.

Regarding this, Jiang said she completed all the bareback scenes without a body double. She told the reporter that she was willing to sacrifice for the film.

However, China Press reported that the scene will be completely removed in Malaysia due to the strict censorship set by the local censorship board.

"The Four" starring Jiang Yi-Yan, Deng Chao, Crystal Liu and Ronald Cheng will be released in cinemas in Malaysia and Singapore on 26 July.