Nicky Wu rumoured to move in with Cecilia Liu

Nicky Wu rumoured to move in with Cecilia Liu

23 Nov – Rumour has it that actor Nicky Wu has moved in with his girlfriend, actress Cecilia Liu.

As reported on Apple Daily website, a source close to the couple claimed that the actor has taken the relationship one step further by living together with his onscreen and real life leading lady in her apartment located in Shanghai.

The source claimed that Nicky has moved in earlier this month, long before the paparazzi caught him going to her house, which eventually led to his confession about their relationship.

It was said that Nicky has decided to move in with Cecilia to spend more time with her, after realising that he will be too busy with work to find time to meet.

When asked to confirm the rumour, Nicky's representative replied, "I don't know about my artiste's private life. All I know is that the two of them are busy filming right now."

Meanwhile, Cecilia's manager stated that the agency is in no position to comment about the actress' personal affairs.