Is Nicky Wu dating Shirley Dai?

Is Nicky Wu dating Shirley Dai?

16 Jan – Nicky Wu's intimate behaviour with "The Bride with White Hair" co-star, Shirley Dai recently sparked rumours that the 42-year-old actor-singer is in love.

A tabloid recently reported that Nicky and Shirley were seen entering a five-star hotel in Beijing after attending a gala event together, with Nicky holding Shirley's hand and then rested his hand on her waist.

It was alleged that the couple conveniently displayed their affections in front of friends, knowing for a fact that they might be photographed.

However, this is not the first time the Taiwanese actor was rumoured to be dating a co-star. In 2012, while filming the same drama, Nicky was rumoured to be in a relationship with Ma Su, after they were seen shopping in the night markets together.

The rumours finally died down after Ma Su's 10-year boyfriend revealed that their relationship is still going strong and that there is nothing between the two co-stars.