Nick Cheung's "Unbeatable" victory

Nick Cheung's "Unbeatable" victory

26 Jun – Following Nick Cheung's victory at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, it was revealed that his success was not a lucky fluke, but a unanimous decision made by all members of the jury.

As reported on HK Top Ten website, while speaking to the media after the awards' closing ceremony, jury member, Yu Nan revealed, "Nick Cheung received undisputed support from all the seven juries as his performance in "Unbeatable" was particularly outstanding."

Yu Nan added, "His biggest competitor was the male lead from "The Major" (Russia), but even that performance wasn't as clear cut as Nick's. He was too good."

Meanwhile, the actor, who was already rumoured to win the Best Actor award even before the event began, stated that he is not the kind of person who believes in mere gossip, but will work hard now that he has indeed won it. He enthused, "I went to the event without any expectation or preparation. So when they called my name and I went up to the stage, I was a little nervous."

Admitting that "Unbeatable" was the most poignant film he ever made, Nick expressed his hopes that there will be a sequel to the movie that emphasises on his character's fatherly relationship with Crystal Lee's character, as well as a real one-on-one fight with co-star Eddie Peng.