Nick Cheung shows off killer bod

Nick Cheung shows off killer bod

30 May – Nick Cheung's latest cover for JET magazine has received a lot of feedback as the originally-skinny actor surprised many by showing off his new killer abs.

According to Groove Asia website, the cover which featured a shirtless Nick with a glistening bod, sparked lots of discussion on the web with Netizens questioning whether the photo was a product of Photoshop editing instead.

However, the actor stressed that it was not a fake, and revealed, "A lot of people didn't believe it was me. I had to train to get into a fighting shape for [the movie] "MMA" and it was a hellish experience."

The actor laughingly continued, "I had to eat 30 egg whites every single day. I had so much protein that my urine had bubbles that were an inch thick and I had to flush several times!"

He added that the worst part of the training was the dehydration level, and shared, "Every time I drank water I could only wet the corners of my mouth so the body would absorb the water and make the curves stand out. My face kept breaking out in acne. It was truly very scary."

The actor also joked that the production stressed him so much; that never in his 20 year career did he panicked when hearing the director yell "places" like he did during Dante Lam's "MMA".

The actor added that after experiencing the tough training process to finally get the perfect body for the movie, he had decided to not do it ever again.