Nicholas and Cecilia reunited for CNY

Nicholas and Cecilia reunited for CNY

31 Jan – Nothing is more important to 31-year-old superstar, Nicholas Tse than his two sons as publicised by the actor at the Hong Kong premier of his newest film, "The Viral Factor" last Saturday. Therefore the actor-father had taken time off to spend Chinese New Year with his sons, Lucas, 5, and Quintus, 2, in Hong Kong.

The trio had been spotted at Tse's ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung's home, spending time together to welcome the New Year.

An insider had reported that Cecilia Cheung, who has only a week-off, initially applied for longer leave, sometime till February or March, so she could spend quality time with her family, but her appeal was rejected by her management.

Statements from sources close to the family say that the former couple remained on good terms for the sake of their children and remain close-knitted as a family.

A few days later, on the rumour that he plans to reconcile with Cheung, Tse commented that he has no plans on doing so.

"Honestly, it really won't happen," Tse said in a brief and straightforward manner.

Another member of curiosity however is Tse's own mother, Deborah Li who revealed that her son forbade her from digging information out of him about a possible reunion with 32-year-old Cheung.