[New Arrival] SHISEIDO, Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer and Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio

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[by Kang Jung yeon] Prestige cosmetic brand SHISEIDO released new products for 2013 S/S season.

Perfect Rouge has vivid and strong color. With Red illuminating pearl as a main ingredients, is express voluminous and vivid color.

Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer makes the lip glossy. With signature red color metal case of SHISEIDO, it looks luxurious. It comes in 10 different colors.

Released eye shadow, Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio, was made base on imagination of Dick Page.

SHISEIDO said “Because of economic depression, the number of people looking for strong color as increased. With SHISEIDO’s newly released products, we want people to wear trendy makeup” (photo by SHISEIDO)

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