Netizens enraged over Ivana's win

Netizens enraged over Ivana's win

16 Jan – Fans were not happy when Ivana Wong's song, "Blank" won the Golden Song Award at the JSG Best Ten Music Award Presentation 2012. Even the biggest winner of the night, Joey Yung was reportedly surprised about the win.

Groove Asia website reported, at the award ceremony that was held on 13 January, even the singer herself was taken aback after her song was announced to be the Golden Song of the Year.

In her speech, Ivana said, "It scared me to death. I really had no idea that I would have this opportunity to accept this award. My brain is blank".

However, netizens were not happy with Ivana Wong winning the award, to the extent that they demanded that she give the award back. It also triggered arguments among the protestors and Ivana's supporters, who believed that the singer deserved the award.

The surprising result sparked rumours that Ivana Wong may have won the award after appearing in TVB new series, "Inbound Troubles".

However, the singer denied the speculations, saying, "I filmed "Inbound Troubles" last year. My seniors told me there is no such thing as filming a series in exchange for an award and I believe it."