Myolie Wu attracts Mao Zijun

Myolie Wu attracts Mao Zijun

9 Feb – Myolie Wu has not just one, but two pursuers trying to win her heart, as it was revealed by Hong Kong tabloids recently.

As reported on Asianpopnews, tabloids claimed that while Myolie Wu revealed her pursuer to be a man not from the entertainment industry, it was alleged that the actress also attracted the attention of one mainland actor named Mao Zijun.

Rumour has it that Mao Zijun, who starred in "Schemes Of A Beauty" alongside the actress in 2010, was reported to be exceptionally attentive to her during filming and that they were often seen dining together.

The 27 year-old actor was also revealed to be learning Cantonese in order to communicate easily with Myolie.

Responding to her rumours with Mao Zijun, Myolie laughed and clarified, "I am still single and he is so much younger than me. We are also not that familiar with each other. The supposedly 'dining together' photo was taken by a crew when we were filming at a red wine specialty house".

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the other man, a non-celebrity was introduced to Myolie by her friend. The mysterious pursuer reportedly had just returned from overseas and is particularly pro-active in asking the actress out, even flew to Shenzhen where the actress was filming in order to be with her.