Moses Chan to open a coffee house

Moses Chan to open a coffee house

14 Feb – Rumour has it that actor Moses Chan is currently busy pursuing his dream business of one day becoming a coffee king!

According to Popular Asians website, despite the failure of his café in Malaysia, the actor was recently seen spending almost an entire day looking at some empty shops in Hong Kong with two estate agents.

It was reported that the trio met up at a pub in Lan Kwai Fong before proceeding to look at an empty shop in Central's Soho district a few hours later.

There, Moses was seen checking out the establishments, including the pub's kitchen environments, the shop's surrounding traffic and also the pedestrian flow.

It was also rumoured that the actor had finally settled at an empty shop in Causeway Bay's Gloucester Road, and was heard discussing about the shop's technical features and management, with the place allegedly costing over HKD 380,000 in monthly rental fees.

When asked about the rumour, Moses confirmed that he is currently looking for a space to open up his new coffee business in Hong Kong.

The actor stated, "I want to open a coffee house at a popular district. The location is very important, and the shop must have at least an area of 1,000 square feet. I want my shop to include a coffee bar and a kitchen, and I'm expecting to invest at least an eight-figure sum."

The actor also revealed that he will be investing in the business with a partner. Although no names were mentioned, many speculated that the partner in question is girlfriend, Aimee Chan.

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