MOGEF bans more songs and music videos

MOGEF bans more songs and music videos

8 May – The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) returns with more songs and music videos on the slaughter.

As Allkpop website reported, MOGEF has released another list of banned music videos, including Dal Shabet's "Hit U" and Miryo's "Dirty" for their use of violence, sexual imagery, and slang.

Buga Kingz' "Don't Go" was also revealed to be banned for the use of violence.

Meanwhile, on the category of banned songs, Dynamic Duo's "Misunderstanding" and "Innocent Prisoner" were hacked from the public for "...suggesting unwholesome dating" and slang, while Dok2's "Stop Right There" was criticised for "sexually suggestive expressions".

Earlier, After School's "Funky Man" music video was banned for sexually suggestive expressions along with Orange Caramel's "Bangkok City". However the ban was recently lifted.