Mochida Kaori to release two consecutive singles

Mochida Kaori to release two consecutive singles

25 Apr – Every Little Thing lead singer Mochida Kaori would be releasing two consecutive solo singles in the months of May and June.

According to Tokyo Hive, Mochida would releasing a double A side single "Megumi / Kanashii Toki Mo Ureshii Toki Mo" on 9 May, both of which have been selected to be the theme for commercials.

Then on 6 June, she will be releasing another solo single titled "Utsukushiki Uruwashiki Hibi", that would be her first single that she has written for a drama series. The single would be theme for NTV's "Cleopatra no Onna Tachi".

It was also announced that Mochida has also been selected to compose the theme of the 'Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012', which will be held at the Sumida River in Tokyo on 5 and 6 June. She would be performing the theme during the ceremony on the 6th.

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