Miss Universe Singapore 2013: Who's the fairest of them all?

[Updated on 17 June, 1:10pm: Added Miss Universe 2013 details]

Organisers have announced that the Miss Universe 2013 international beauty pageant will take place on 9 November at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

One contestant had been on the verge of dropping out of the pageant while another hopes to finally show the world where Singapore is.

They were among the 16 finalists from this year's Miss Universe Singapore pageant who gathered on Saturday at the Shangri-La Hotel for a dress rehearsal of the grand final  at the same venue.

Three weeks ahead of their big day, the hopefuls were given the chance to introduce themselves to the media and judges behind closed doors.

Business executive Shi Lim, 24, said she hoped to changed global perceptions of Singapore by taking part in the pageant.
“There are obvious misconceptions about our home [Singapore] and by joining Miss Universe Singapore 2013, I hope to be given the opportunity to accurately represent Singapore in the international stage and to also be a woman who is not only physically beautiful, but also strong, dignified, purposeful and most importantly, would be able to inspire and empower others,” she said in an American twang, the result of having lived in the US for over 7 years.

Also the tallest contestant in the pageant, the 1.76-metre beauty added that she was frequently asked amusing questions about Singapore such as “Where in China is that?” and “Is that where you get caged for chewing gum?”.

Meanwhile university graduate Jesslyn Tan, 23, admitted that only two weeks earlier she was "on the verge of giving up”. But she hoped that her dedication to continue with the pageant proved to be an inspiration she hopes she can share to other women.

For customer service assistant,  Angeline Soh, 24, she expressed interest in speaking up for the elderly if she won. She was motivated by her grandfather, who was abandoned by members of the family in the past.
Student Roxanne Zhang, 21, was brought up from raised in a single parent family, said she would like to be involved in charities that helped such families.

Meanwhile, radiographer Clarabelle Ng said she wants to volunteer in the Singapore Cancer society because she had lost several loved ones due to cancer.

Class 95FM deejay Jean Danker, who will be hosting this year’s final along with Mike Kasem, was at the dress rehearsal, and said she was impressed by the quality and responses of the contestants.

She added with a smile: “I definitely need higher heels for the grand finals.”

The winner of the grand final on July 6th will go on to represent Singapore in Miss Universe 2013. The venue and date of the global pageant has yet to be finalized.