Miriam Yeung criticised for postponing concert

Miriam Yeung criticised for postponing concert

5 Jun - Hong Kong singer-actress Miriam Yeung has been accused of being selective in her work, after postponing the Guangzhou performance of her upcoming World Tour.

Earlier, the singer's rep announced that Miriam will postpone her concert in Guangzhou - the first overseas leg of her tour that was originally scheduled on 13 June to 29 August, due to health reasons.

Miriam, who had just been discharged from the hospital after a bout of respiratory infection, stated that she was advised to take more time to recuperate.

Thus, the singer decided to postpone work that is related to her singing career, including the recording of her new album and her Guangzhou show.

However, Miriam will continue to do other things in her schedule, including a photo shoot for the second season of "The Amazing Race China" and the Cantonese dubbing for the U.S. animated feature film, "Minions".

The decision was met with much criticism from Netizens, who accused the singer of not being serious about her music career.

However, according to Mingpao News, the actress' manager, Lam, has recently addressed the issue saying that Miriam had to be selective because of her condition.

Lam stated that the actress couldn't postpone the filming of "The Amazing Race China" any longer because she is under contract and that husband Real Ting will do all the hard work during her recovery period.

(Photo Source: Sina Weibo)