Miranda Kerr's Beauty Secrets: Rose Hip Oil, Body Brushing And A, Err, Spoon

WATCH Miranda Kerr Reveal Her Beauty Secrets: Rose Hip Oil, Body Brushing And A, Err, Spoon

She’s a Victoria’s Secret model, a yummy mummy to a young son and a loyal wife to gorgeous Brit actor Orlando Bloom, so how DOES Miranda Kerr stay so (annoyingly) groomed and gorgeous? Well, now we know!

In a recent interview with Bella Sugar, Miranda reveals her precious beauty and skincare supermodel secrets, which include using, err, kitchen utensils to get the perfect lash curl! Yes, rather than using your standard curler, the Aussie heats up a spoon with warm water and presses it to her lashes to create that enviable bounce - nifty! (if you’re not convinced, check out this YouTube tutorial)

Of course, Miranda is a great advocate for her sell out skincare range Kora which she uses daily to maintain her gorgeously healthy skin but her top skin tip is slathering her face with Rose Hip Oil at night to get that glow. ‘Rose Hip Oil is full of so many anti-oxidants it works on a cellular level too to rejuvenate the skin,’ says beauty pro Kerr. 

But when she needs to cheat that glow on the move, Miranda learnt one of her top beauty tricks from a make-up artist. ‘To give yourself a little bit of a glow, you can put a little bit of lip balm around here [around your cheek and eyebrow bones]. It just brightens’. 

And how does she get THAT body? ‘Body brushing is a great body tip to keep the lymphatic system flowing, I do it after the shower and it makes your skin super smooth’.

So there you have it, folks, Miranda Kerr’s super simple beauty routine. Now where's that spoon..?

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