Mila Kunis: I'm pretty naïve

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Mila Kunis: I'm pretty naïve
Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is “much more naïve” than people might think.

The pretty actress comes across as sassy in funny films such as Friends with Benefits and Ted.

In fantasy movie Oz the Great and Powerful, she plays unassuming witch Theodora and Mila argues they have more in common than one might assume.

"Oddly enough, I think I'm much more naïve than I let on to be," the 29-year-old admitted to Entertainment Tonight.

"She's [Theodora] a smart, naïve girl. I think she just chooses to look at the good in people."

Mila is joined on screen by Rachel Weisz, who takes on the role of witch Evanora.

In contrast to Theodora Rachel’s character is nasty, which the actress finds liberating to act out.

"I just get to be really, really bad and cruel. The thing about real life is you can't really be bad because people get hurt; the good thing about films and drama is you can be bad and it's just make-believe," Rachel explained.

“I think we're all bad but we keep it under control, but I didn't have to. I unleashed my badness. I loved it. It's very fun being bad."

Mila and Rachel celebrated the film’s premiere with co-star Michelle Williams at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood last night.

Mila looked gorgeous in a grey Dolce & Gabbana frock, which boasted lace detail and a voluminous skirt.

Matching Christian Louboutin shoes and a simple up-do finished off her look.

Rachel went for floor-length, red Victoria Beckham while Michelle rocked a chic white Prada dress with floral detail.

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