Michelle Ye may make TVB comeback

Michelle Ye may make TVB comeback

23 Mar – Actress-turned producer Michelle Ye recently revealed that after seven years, she may be making her return to TVB.

According to TVB News World, the 33-year-old actress, who appeared in Central for the press conference for her new stage play, was asked if she would make her return to TVB.

To this, she revealed, "They (TVB) have approached me before. After all, TVB and (executive) Poon Ka Tak are my respected mentors, so if needed, I will definitely do it."

The actress, who left TVB in 2005 to pursue her acting career in films and mainland dramas, had since established her own production company and produced and starred in three dramas – "Ninth Widow", Goddess Athena" and "The Legend Of Purple Hairpin".

Meanwhile, the actress, who is venturing into an unknown territory for her first stage play, stated, "My mentor Poon Ka Tak influenced me to try my hands on stage acting. I'm really trying something new this time. I didn't start out from a performing arts school, so I don't really have much experience in this area."

She added jokingly, "They had confidence in me, so I decided to push my worries onto them!"