Maggie Shiu's secret marriage

Maggie Shiu's secret marriage

13 Dec – Hong Kong TVB actress, Maggie Shiu Mei-Kei, who was recently accused of having secret wedded and moved in with prolific martial artist and actor, Vincent Sze, finally confirmed the rumours, according to JayneStars.

Shiu, who appeared smiling radiantly at a promotional event yesterday in Hong Kong, promised that she will explain the matter next time, which is taken to mean that she is silently admitting her marriage.

The event that Shiu was in attendance was called "Reach for the Heart".

When reporters and fans congratulated Shiu, she calmly replied, "Let's not talk about private matters and respect the occasion of the charity event! Let's talk about it [the secret marriage rumors] next time! I wish to be featured more in the news! If there is a need to do so, I will explain the situation to everyone. I realize that everyone needs to report back to their bosses; I will make arrangements!"

To praises about her radiant look, 46-year-old Shiu merely smiled and said, "You too! Well, Christmas is just around the corner and people who do charity work are more beautiful!"

It has also been reported that her ex-flame, Ekin Cheng had sent his blessings upon hearing about her secret marriage.

Some of the future upcoming projects for Shiu include a Lunar New Year film which she is currently shooting, and a period costume fitting for a drama.