"Love Rain" retaliate Egg Film's suit

"Love Rain" retaliate Egg Film's suit

15 Jun – After the injunction filed by Egg Film against KBS' "Love Rain" for allegedly plagiarising the content of their 2003 movie "The Classic", the production of the drama decided to take legal action.

Representatives from "Love Rain" stated, "It is absurd to claim that "Love Rain plagiarised "The Classic". They are claiming that we duplicated scenes from the film, including the leading roles saying goodbye on a train, having rain as a theme, and other usual melodrama scenes."

They added, "We will make known our official stance and take legal action for these accusations."

Earlier on 7 June, Egg Films filed an injunction against the KBS drama, saying that, "We have requested for a ban to be put on all sales related to the drama as well as a ban on the broadcast and have filed for a temporary disposition of the drama."

The production claimed that "Love Rain" have used detailed plot lines, character interactions, plot direction, and inner character likeness (to "The Classic") to move the plot forward and that they have seriously infringed on Egg Films' copyrights.