Looking inside the figure queen Yuna Kim’s makeup

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[by Kwak Sul Lim / translated by Joy Kim] Yuna Kim, also called as a nation’s younger sister made a strong come back.  

She won the 2012 NRW Trophy held in Dortmund Germany. She scored 201.61 points combining scores from short program and free skating. It was a highest score of the season.


She made an impressive come back and proved she got everything to be a figure queen, 

Yuna Kim is a sports star but also a VVIP in both fashion and beauty industry. She is a trend icon and every item she wore or used quickly becomes a hit. And beauty bloggers are interested at her makeup as well.


Yuna Kim said she does her own makeup in competitions and daily makeup.  Also many people want to look like her. Here are some tips to Yuna Kim’s makeup.  

Yuna Kim’s pure, innocent makeup 

Yuna Kim has pure and innocent image. She does not have ‘western eyelids’ but that makes her even look more innocent.


To have a bright complexion like her, use small amount of the product and avoid products with matte finish.


Also make sure the eyebrows are trimmed. It will help to have neat and tidy look. To look lively, use orange blusher and lip tint. 


Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream: keeps the moisture and gives the glow to the face 

Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot: Soft like marshmallows and has gloss finish   

CatChu Wink Gloss: Gives a glossy and pumped like lip with just one touch 

Party Lover Auto Eyebrow: Quick and easy natural eyebrow 

Perfect Eyes Eyeliner: Waterproofed pencil eyeliner. 

Figure Queen’s strong smoky makeup 

In competitions, Yuna Kim shows rather strong smoky makeup. She reveals her charisma with makeup.  

Her on-ice makeup is to give a strong eye line using dark colored eye liner. With a gel eye liner, draw thick line on the upper lid and fill out the lower lid as well. Then finish it with mascara.


On strong eye makeup, lips and cheeks are better with simpler look. Choose a nude-toned color for the lips and a foundation with matte finish.  


Backstage Gel Eye liner: waterproofed gel eye liner, easy to apply  

Perfect Eyes Longkinny Mascara: Gives long and slim yet thick and perfect eye lashes. 

Face Mix Makeup base SPF20/PA++: Gives a healthy glow and bright complexion to the skin 

Face Mix Basic Primer: For smooth and moisturized skin surface. 

Kiss Lover Swing Tint Gloss: Tint, gloss, and a lip plumper all combined in one. (photo by Tonymoly, bntnews DB) 

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