Lindsay Lohan’s furniture ‘nearly repossessed’

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Lindsay Lohan’s furniture ‘nearly repossessed’
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan nearly had her furniture repossessed.

The actress' rented Beverly Hills residence was fully furnished by bosses at US TV network Bravo for an episode of Million Dollar Decorator.

Interior designer Kathryn Ireland reportedly set a $250,000 budget for the job.

But after Lindsay refused to appear for the big reveal, producers were livid, RadarOnline reports.

“Bravo, producers of Million Dollar Decorator and interior designers were so furious with Lindsay for bailing on the big reveal of her former Beverly Hills rental house, they attempted to repossess the furniture and flooring that was gifted to her. Ireland in particular was absolutely steamed and pissed off at Lindsay with her antics as she devoted a lot of time to the project,” a source told the website.

Lindsay reportedly had all of the furniture sent to an unknown storage location before the items could be recovered.

“Lindsay was quite pleased with herself and bragged to friends that she can get whatever she wants because she is a celebrity,” the insider added.

The 26-year-old actress is said to have approached Kathryn Ireland about appearing on the show after they met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011.

Bravo executives confirmed a segment had been filmed and released footage.

A spokesperson for the network attempted to downplay Lindsay’s absence from the reveal.

“[Lindsay] was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes,” a statement read.

Lindsay has been snowed under a mountain of debt.

The actress owed a reported $233,000 in unpaid taxes between 2009 and 2010.

Her Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen confirmed he gave her $100,000 to help with the bill.

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