Leehom sleepless for CNY show

Leehom sleepless for CNY show

5 Feb – Leehom Wang is definitely one of the hardest workers in the entertainment industry even going so far as not sleeping to prepare for his upcoming CCTV New Year's Gala 2013 performance, according to China News.

It was reported that the 36 year-old has been training madly to perform his new hit and his "CZ12" theme song, "Zodiac", for the last two weeks.

The singer revealed that he could not even sleep even though it was three o'clock in the morning and insisted to do more preparations for his Chinese New Year performance.

"The rehearsal for the Chinese New Year edition of "Zodiac" has been going on for two weeks. It's tough but I can't sleep now, I need to give you guys a high-standard performance. Remember to watch me live on TV on 9 February!"

Joining Leehom for the CCTV New Year's Gala are Song Zuying, Yoga Lin, Ping An, Celine Dion and so on.