Lee Tae Sung Signs With THE Queen AMC

[by Sora Ghim] Actor Lee Tae Sung has signed with THE Queen AMC after being discharged from the army on July 28.

After completing MBC drama ‘Pots of Gold’ he enlisted in the army and was discharged after completing the mandatory service. He then signed with management agency THE Queen AMC, which also holds Kim Seung Woo, Kim Nam Joo, Kim Jung Tae, Oh Man Suk, Sung Yoo Bin and also directors and writers.

As his comeback work, Lee Tae Sung has chosen MBC weekend drama ‘Mom’ which will air starting September. ‘Mom’ is about a mother who raised her children by herself and sacrificed everything for them. However, her ungrateful children want to receive her fortune and so she plans to get revenge. Lee Tae Sung plays the second son, Gang Jae.

A representative of THE Queen AMC stated, “Lee Tae Sung has great singing, enough to open a concert with his younger brother Sung Yoo Bin, and we will fully support him in his various activities in dramas, movies and musicals. It will be good to anticipate a more matured side to Lee Tae Sung. Please have a lot of support.”

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Sung is currently busy preparing for his upcoming drama. (photo by THE Queen AMC)

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