Lee Seung-gi's fans treats crew to bento lunch

Lee Seung-gi's fans treats crew to bento lunch

7 May – Lee Seung-gi is a lucky star, as the actor-singer fans recently prepared lunches for the cast and crew of MBC's "The King 2 Hearts".

Koreaboo website revealed that the star's Korean-Chinese-Japanese fan club sent over a 150 bento sets to the actors, producers, and staff members present at the film set of "The King 2 Hearts."

One of the staff of the drama production stated, "Thanks to them, the amicable atmosphere became even more relaxed."

He revealed that as the youngest member of the team, Lee Seung-gi is always cheerful and tries his best, and it is nice to see everyone sharing the lunch boxes sent by his fans.

Meanwhile, the actor also never fails to be generous. He recently sent a specially-ordered cake as a make-up present for being unable to attend the preview of co-star Ha Ji-won's movie "Korea".

Back in February, the multi-talented star also purchased scarves at his own expense for the drama staff members to wear during the cold month.

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