Lee Jung Jae holds a surprise fan meeting with his fans

Lee Jung Jae holds a surprise fan meeting with his fans

Lee Jung Jae held a surprise hug and handshake event with his fans.

On September 28th, Lee Jung Jae attended 'Lee Jung Jae Exhibition - Talk with Audience' which was held at Korea Film Archive, and met up with approximately 400 fans.

C-JeS entertainment said, "Korea Film Archive usually invite senior actors for an exhibition, and it is a quite rare case for them to invite an actor as young as Lee Jung Jae. Many movie fans wanted to see and review Lee Jung Jae's career, and Korea Film Archive decided to host 'Lee Jung Jae Exhibition' in celebration of his 20th debut anniversary."

They went on "A great number of calls came in immediately after an announcement regarding 'Talk With Audience' was made, and fans lined up to buy the tickets from much earlier time of Thursday. Lee Jung Jae prepared a special souvenir gift for the fans, and he also hugged each fans after the event."

The fans showed explosive reactions for unexpected hugs. After the event, many fans expressed how much they enjoyed the event and how much they were excited after the event through a great number of reviews and comments on internet.

During the event, Lee Jung Jae talked about different episodes that happened while shooting his previous films, and gave best answers to the audience's questions. He also sang a short song, and revived a famous scene from one of his movies.

At the end of the event, he said, "I am getting my jobs all thanks to your supports, and actors cannot act if they do not get any new jobs. I promise to always do my best. Thank you."

Meanwhile, 'Lee Jung Jae Exhibition' will be held until October 6th at Cinema Tech located in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

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