Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Admit They Are Dating

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Lee Min Jung (31) and Lee Byung Hun (43) have admitted they are in a serious relationship.

On August 19, Lee Min Jung admitted she was currently in a relationship with Lee Byung Hun through her official homepage. Rumors that the two were an item first began surfacing a month ago but both sides had continually denied their dating status.

Regarding this, Lee Min Jung’s homepage wrote in its press release, “The reason Lee Min Jung denied [her relationship with Lee Byung Hun] when the issue first surfaced in April was because she was not yet ready to endure the scrutiny that would follow with the public and with her fans, once the revelation was made.”

Initially Lee Min Jung’s side told enews, “[The two] had only shared a meal but are not dating.”

Lee Min Jung also surprisingly revealed, “Above all, as this was something even [Lee Min Jung’s] parents and agency did not know, I could not help but be careful. I wanted to muster up the courage to be honest with everyone once my judgment, belief and everything else became a little more solid and resolute.”

She added, “Thinking it wasn’t right to continue to try and lie while attempting to reverse and deny things, I consulted with my senior (Lee Byung Hun) and we both decided to reveal our positions [publicly] through writing.”

Lee Min Jung shared, however, that the rumors the two had agreed to marry was not true. Rumors the two had visited a famous hanbok store in Seoul’s Gangnam to order their wedding gifts had recently been spreading.

However, Lee Min Jung denied the rumors saying, “The rumor of a wedding being held in November is wrong information. The two of us have not been preparing for a wedding and nothing has been decided either.”

On a final note, Lee Min Jung asked for the support of her fans and the public saying, “We are both still very careful but in a serious relationship and in the future when any good events happen, we will reveal them first to everyone. As one woman, as an actor and as a daughter I had a lot of concern and worries but I am looking to be brave now. After confessing, I am now looking to make my happiness within everyone’s support.”

The two reportedly became close through their mutual interest in movies. Lee Byung Hun, in particular, as Lee Min Jung’s senior in the acting industry was said to regularly provide advice in her works.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Hea Jung Min

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