Laughter abound in Snake Year

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Laughter abound in Snake Year

Tradition depicts that Chinese New Year be laden with laughter and joy as those are the very signs of prosperity. What better way to usher in the New Year and cultivate family ties by bringing your whole family out for a few hours of laughter?

The Year of the Snake sees an abundance of Chinese New Year films, and it is not going to be easy picking who will make you laugh the best on the auspicious holiday. But judging by the star-studded dazzle of selections, you might just end up being enticed into watching every one of them.

Of course, the most attention-grabbing movie this festival would be Stephen Chow's "Journey To The West". Already, Cinema Online has done an extensive report on his efforts in the production of this epic, even flying all the way to Taiwan to talk to the man himself. Four years after "CJ7", long-waiting fans would be fighting their way into cinemas for a glimpse of the latest comedy piece by the iconic comedian.

There is also the star-studded "I Love Hong Kong 2013" and "Hotel Deluxe" where you are bound to see familiar faces doing their yearly duty of bringing well-wishes to fans during the festivities. Eric Tsang, who is now a staple figure for Chinese New Year, has brought along the cast of "I Love Hong Kong" to meet fans in Malaysia as we speak.

Not to be forgotten as well, the local flavours of Chinese New Year where our home-grown filmmakers have painstakingly produced something which we would be proud to call our own. The controversy shrouded "Once Upon A Time", after much heartbreak and effort has managed to make it on time for a Chinese New Year release while "The Wedding Diary 2" continues the story of the mismatched families of Wei Jie (Ah Niu) and Zhi Xin (Elanne Kwong) with a baby thrown into the fray.

Cinema Online gives you a lowdown on the CNY movie list but the choice is in your hands on which best tickles your funny bone.

"Taxi! Taxi!"


Release Date: 24 January

Reasons to watch: Strictly speaking, "Taxi! Taxi!" is not really a Chinese New Year movie but with its close release date to the festivities coupled with the mismatched comedic pair of Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee, this potentially funny film might just make a mark this year.

Stars to catch: Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee



"The Wedding Diary 2"


Release Date: 7 February

Reasons to watch: The huge commercial success of "The Wedding Diary" during last Chinese New Year sparked its sequel within a short span of time, which says something for this local fare. This time round, Wei Jie (Ah Niu) and Zhixin (Elanne Kwong) return with a baby in tow but are still riddled with old squabbles between their families. Will the sequel live up to its predecessor?

Stars to catch: Ah Niu, Elanne Kwong and Kara Hui


"Once Upon A Time"


Release Date: 7 February

Reasons to watch: Based on the popular radio skit of the same name, controversy has surrounded "Once Upon A Time", threatening its Chinese New Year release. But like all Chinese New Year films, all's well that ends well for the Malaysian star-studded flick. If you are fans of MY FM and Melody FM, you will not want to give this a miss.

Stars to catch: Ah Beng, Rosyam Nor and the DJs of MY FM and Melody FM


"Journey To The West"


Release Date: 7 February

Reasons to watch: Produced, directed and written by Stephen Chow, there really isn't a need to explain why this is worth a watch. Fans of the man should already be standing in queue for the tickets now instead of reading this!

Stars to catch: Shu Qi and Show Luo




"Hotel Deluxe"


Release Date: 7 February

Reasons to watch: A hotel with potential cameos from big stars checking in at any minute is a sure-fire reason to catch this film. Filled with incompetent staff, the stage is set for "Hotel Deluxe" to house various comedic mishaps that will trouble the employees and delight the audiences.

Stars to catch: Raymond Wong, Teresa Mo, Sandra Ng and Ronald Cheng



"I Love Hong Kong 2013"


Release Date: 10 February

Reasons to watch: Eric Tsang's Chinese New Year films centering on Hong Kong culture is a movie audiences expect every year. As usual, the film is filled up cameos and roles taken on by familiar TVB stars. Go for old time's sake if not for its comedy.

Stars to catch: Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Nat Chan, Bosco Wong and Michael Tse





Release Date: 14 February

Reasons to watch: Released in conjunction with Valentine's Day, a love triangle between an amnesiac patient and three other guys sets the wheels going. Who will she eventually remember and who will she pick? If you are looking for a little romance during Chinese New Year, go for this film.

Stars to catch: Donnie Yen, Michelle Chen, Kai Ko and Angelababy




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