Kylie Minogue 'great' to photograph

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Kylie Minogue 'great' to photograph
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue creates a "great atmosphere" on photoshoots.

The stunning songstress was photographed by Vincent Peters for the iconic cover of her seventh studio album Light Years. The pair have since had a long-standing professional relationship - with Peters also shooting the beauty in Ibiza in 2009 wearing sexy black underwear in water.

The photographer loves to work with the laidback yet fun star.

“I shot the cover of Light Years, her [2000] comeback. It was in Ibiza, she was singing all day, jumping in the pool – a great atmosphere. This was for Spanish Vogue – again in Ibiza," he told the UK edition of GQ Magazine.

"I’ve shot Kylie seven times now. It’s like a film director – you build up trust with people.”

Peters has also photographed Gemma Arterton, who was a little-known actress at the time. He has recalled the 2010 shoot in London with the brunette beauty.

“A magazine asked me to shoot this English actress – before she was big. So I didn’t know who she was. But I never Google people. You need to meet them on eye level, not as a fan. When the Face asked me to shoot a footballer called David Beckham, I said, ‘Good-looking kid, why not?’” he explained.

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